How to Pick the Right Eyeglasses Frames for Your Face

Do you need help finding yourself the right frame for your face? I am sure we have all been in this situation since there are too many options that all look very attractive and stylish. this article will help you to choose.

The first rule of choosing frames is to pick something that you feel confident about. 

Just look at the smile on that face(custom-made vintage wooden glasses)

  • One way to find frames that accentuate your best features is to choose frames that complement the shape and coloring of your face and make a fashion statement.

  First of all, we should get to know the basic face shapes. You might not find the same face among these regular ones but here there are: 


    Stand in front of the mirror to determine your face shape or pin your hair back away from your face so that you can see your face.

  • Many faces include traits that resemble two or even more types, making it difficult for them to easily fit into just one particular type. If so, you're lucky! As you look for eyeglass frames, you will have more possibilities.

To know better, you can use a dry-erase marker or lip sticker to outline the shape of your reflectionTracing carefully around the outline of your face in the mirror, with your face relaxed, outline your forehead, down each cheek to the end of your chin. Don't include your ears

  • Now, without moving your face from its outline in the mirror, do it again but with your biggest exposed-toothed smile. Put these lines directly over the lines you've already drawn.
  • The two sets of lines will show you if and how your facial shape changes when you smile. For instance, some people with oval faces in their relaxed state might have more heart-shaped faces when smiling broadly (such as Kim Kardashian). Others, like Jennifer Lawrence, might have a strong rectangular face when relaxed, which changes to a heart-shaped face when smiling broadly.
Determine if your face is angular or soft. In many ways, this is more important than the exact shape of your face when it comes to choosing glasses. Using the lines you've drawn on the mirror, you should be able to tell if your face has hard edges and angles, or if the lines are more curvaceous.
  • Many people with strong angles will have them at the temples and jaw, but a strong pointed chin is also an angular face. Rectangles, squares, hearts, and some ovals will fall into the angular category.
  • Round, triangular, oblong, and some ovals will fall into the more soft, curvaceous category.

The Second Part: Choosing Eyeglasses to Fit Your Face ShapeSelect eyeglasses that fit your face's shape. Most rounded faces look best with more angled glasses, whereas more angled faces look best with more rounded glasses. In general, frames bring the most visual appeal and appear the least comical when they contrast with your natural features.

  • Soft, round faces look their finest in hard-angled frames, such as square or rectangular frames. These often lengthen the face and break up the face's smoothness. If your face is really full, you might want to think about using horizontal rectangles, which thin the face.
  • Square and rectangle face: look nice with frames that balance the hard lines of the face, so look for round or oval frames. To minimize the appearance of a very heavy jawline, look for a frame that has a thin, delicate frame (made of wire and in a color similar to your skin tone) so that you don't add more bulk to your face. The glasses should be slightly wider than your cheekbones to fit the face properly.
  • Heart-shaped faces: usually look nice with frames that are wider on the bottom or have some kind of detail on the lower half of the frames. Be sure that the frames are slightly wider than the forehead for a proper fit.
  • Triangular faces: look great with glasses that emphasize the top half of the frame, like half-rimmed glasses or cat-eye glasses, or two-toned frames with darker tops and lighter bottoms. Since triangular faces tend to have strong jaws, be sure that the frames are slightly wider than your jaw to balance them out.
  • Oblong faces: look better with round or curved frames, which take away from the length of the face and emphasize the width. Pick frames with the upper and lower rims of the frame equal in shape. This breaks up the length of the face. Also, choose frames that have a low bridge, which shortens the nose.
  • Oval faces: look great in any type of frame, so choose something that fits your personality. You can play with colors and styles to fit your mood, and you can feel confident in trying out the latest fashion or go with a classic frame to ensure it will stay in style longer.


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