Collection: acetate

Acetate is a semi-natural material produced by a chemical reaction between residual cotton after rolling and acetic acid. It is the most diverse material in the eyewear family, with infinite color variations. Acetate is often mistaken for plastic, as they look very similar, but the way to distinguish acetate glasses is that there is a metal core inside the legs of acetate glasses. The reason is that acetate is relatively soft and requires a metal core to support its shape and make it easier to adjust the length and curvature to fit different ear sizes. Plastic glasses are molded in one piece and have good moldability, so they don’t require a metal core.

The most popular colors in the acetate family are black and tortoise shell. Black is suitable for any occasion and outfit, which is the most widely used color. The second most popular color is tortoise shell, which can be understood as a special color that is both retro and fashionable. It can exhibit different styles on people of different genders and wearing different outfits. Tortoise shell reading glasses are particularly popular.