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ebony wood round M W6008 Reading glasses

ebony wood round M W6008 Reading glasses

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Material: ebony 

Color: nature ebony color 

Size L: 50-18-142mm

*About progressive glasses.

   Usually, after turning 40 years old, human eyes will gradually become impaired, and gradually people can't clearly see things in close distance. Reading glasses are then needed.

  The first generation of reading glasses only has one diopter in the lens,  and the second generation has two diopters in the lens. But the second generation has  safety problems, such as not being able to take the stairs or driving, so it was not even as popular as the first generation.If you need to read for a long time,better wearing the first generation reading glasses,choose a regular reading glasses now?

 Then the third generation reading glasses with progressive multifocal lenses were invented and have completely solved the vision problems of the middle-aged and elderly people. One piece of lens could satisfy all the gradual vision requirement from near to far, so that users can read, watch TV and drive at the same time.

 When you read the newspaper ,you  need to be careful with your children, and maybe look at the scenery in the distance.When you shoot a video for others, will need to see the screen clearly,as well as what is being shot.

When you drive, you always need to take a look at the navigation occasionally, then look at the road ahead, as well as various road signs.  Ordinary reading glasses can't help you see everything clearly. You may choose a pair of reading glasses or not wearing them, but when you stop to watch your phone or study the itinerary, you have to find your reading glasses.  In addition to the transparent blue-light progressive reading glasses, TAKE progressive also offers the choice of transitional and colored sunglasses, making it a perfect choice for traveling or driving.  

*How to choose prpgressive?

Usually there are three situations:

1.Never wear reading glasses and no myopia.

Over 40 years old, no myopia, you find it difficult to read, you need to put your phone far away to read clearly, then you just need a regular reading glasses, usually you can choose +0.50, +0.75 or +1.00, both eyes agree. If you already have reading glasses, but feel that they are not enough, then usually only need to add +0.25 or +0.50. Say your old reading glasses are +1.00, then the new ones should be +1.25 or +1.50, usually they can work for 2-3 years.

2.No myopia,need one glasses for reading and distance.

Finished progressive multi-focal reading glasses. No short-sightedness, never wore reading glasses, now I need one, but if you often take off your reading glasses to talk to others, and then put them back on to read the information in your hand, your age will be revealed...the gradual progress of the finished product Multifocus will solve your troubles. If you never worn reading glasses, usually you only need to choose distance is 0.00, reading is +0.50, or +0.75, or +1.00, if you have regular reading glasses,such as+2.00, then you can choose distance is 0.00 , reading is +2.25 (it is recommended that you increase +0.25, this will not be a burden, it will only prolong the service life of the modified glasses)

3. Have myopia but difficult to read.

You have myopia prescription glasses, but one day difficult to read, unable to see the words on the book, and you don't know when, you have to look through the top of the glasses to see near things. This is the presbyopia caused by the presbyopia of the eye muscles. At this time, if you go to buy a pair of regular reading glasses, they will not work. In fact,in fact you just need a more low-power myopia glasses, so one solution is that you retest your eyesight and get a pair of low-power myopia glasses for reading. But that means you have to wear two glasses at all times, and it's easy to see that you're old. Progressive glasses solve this problem, how to get it? Upload a picture of your prescription, or tell us the data when we ask you after ordering. Then it's all up to us.

*How to measure your pupill distance(PD)?

Want to know more about size and pupill distance?Check here---

   Want to ask questions,E-mail

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